Finding Your Potential

Show Notes From This Episode: Get out of your comfort zone because people need what you know. Take a big sheet of paper and list the following:
  • All the things, large or small, that you know how to do. They might be easy for you, but not for everyone.
  • All the experiences you have.
  • All the things you are often asked to do.
  • All the things people think you are good at.
I mention a lot of examples of experiences and skills you may have to get you thinking. Ways you can help people because of your expertise and experiences. There are also a number of ideas in this podcast for getting your story out to people and ways to do that using Internet tools. Note: I didn't mention it on the podcast, but if you want to do the one on one live training that I mentioned, I recommend using Zoom. You can even use it to train a group. Zoom is a great tool and gives you not only a video recording of your session, but an audio one as well. Here's to using all the potential God has given you, Carol P.S. I wrote a new Productivity Guide if you're interested. Click here to learn more.

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