Our Mastermind Progress

I mentioned in the last post that I was going to be involved in a mastermind group to help promote one another. So far we have met once on Skype and twice on a teleseminar. These are my observations so far:
  • Our Skype meeting was a lot of fun, but didn't accomplish much. I don't use Skype often and the others did only for one on one text chats. When the first two members got on Skype, it was fine, we could see and hear one another well. As soon as someone else entered the call, the video capability was lost. Once four of us were on (member number five couldn't attend that day) it was hard to hear properly. There was a lot of phone interference and we kept getting dropped from having a group call. We finally gave up and called it a day.
  • The next two sessions we've used a teleseminar service. I have a free trial for InstantTeleseminars so we used that. The advantage here over is that there were local phone numbers for the American members of our group to call. And the mp3 download was available instantly so that I could send it to everyone. The only problem we had was when I tried to answer another call that came into my phone. Since I was the host, that cut everyone off and we had to dial in again.
So far the sessions have been informative, fun, and motivating for all of us involved. With the audio available as well, we can go back and re-listen. We haven't had a set agenda so far, other than to see what everyone is working on and how we can help.

We have a stream on Hootsuite set up for the five of us so that we instantly see anything anyone has posted on Twitter and then we can re-tweet or send to Facebook or LinkedIn. We've also set up a Google docs page for our mastermind group and listed all of our social media links and our various blogs and squidoo lenses. As time goes on, we'll check that list and comment on one another's sites as we are able.

Lots more we can do to help one another, but we are taking it one step at a time.

Any advice for us? Have you started a mastermind group too?


  1. I think a mastermind group motivates you to work on things so you have something to report, I don't want to look unproductive when everyone else is working.

  2. Very good point Bridget. Too bad we couldn't motivate our kids that way.