Ice Water and Hope

Notes from this episode:
  • story from the book 'When Your Past Is Hurting Your Present' by Sue Augustine
  • experiment done with two groups of people who had to hold their hands in ice water for three minutes
  • results for the group that had hope they could make it
Encouraging you to live the life you were meant to, Carol

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Our Controlling Thoughts

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My New Podcast!

Dealing With Negative Comments

Points covered in this episode:
  • why I haven't been doing videos as much
  • how the comments and actions of others can affect us
  • my experience on the registration desk of a social media event
  • regardless of age you have a lot to offer
  • don't listen to what other people have to say, do what you've been given to do
  • you are great
Have a great week and be the best you can be, Carol

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Knowing Too Much

Show Notes:
  • story of a man in Bangladesh who helps women start their own businesses
  • why he doesn't teach them how
  • the perils of knowing too much
  • his one requirement - self-confidence and a team
  • 98% of the women pay back the loans
  • get going
  • gather a support group
Have a great week and be the best you can be, Carol

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Success In Spite of Challenging Beginnings

Show Notes:
  • To be successful, do you need to have money, intelligence, connections, everything going for you?
  • Read biographies and that is not the case
  • In 1966, this man dropped out of school because of a learning disability
  • Then started a student magazine and sold advertising
  • Four years later started selling records to his subscribers
  • Opened a store, then a recording studio and his own record label
  • Over the next decade his record label became very successful and he started more companies
  • Today over 400 companies under his direction - you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out who this man is, I don't want to spoil it for you
  • Main needs are motivation, some vision, and action
To your best life, Carol

My New Podcast!

2017 Update

Hi there and no, I'm not dead, just very busy. I'm still creating courses, still blogging, still not making a whole lot of money but I'm still having fun.

In fact, I've started a new podcast called Purpose For Your Life. I've been volunteering a lot with a homeless shelter, prison ministry, and a prison after-care program, so helping people find a purpose for their lives has become important to me.

Take care and hopefully I'll post again soon.