New Year, How Are You Doing?

I've got a good feeling about this year. I'm finally getting it as far as understanding affiliate marketing. People have told me before that it isn't that difficult, but I think something needs to click and it finally has.

I'm still doing a lot of offline workshops for the local community centre and have also started renting my own venue to present them. I've done two so far. The first one I allowed people to pay at the door. Big mistake. They registered, but then sent me an email at the last minute saying they couldn't come. So after I paid for the location, I was in the hole.

The second one I did, I finally got smart and put a Paypal registration on my website. So much easier, not to mention nice to get the Paypal notification that I had made a sale. Ended up with three times as many paying attendees and they paid $5 more each than the first group. Lest you think I made a fortune, my first workshop only had two payees, but it sounds better to say three times as many people than to say six, don't you think.

I'm working on another book, this time a bit more in depth, now that I know my way around Createspace. And I've got a number of goals for the year. You can read about them on my business blog at

Enough about me. How are you making out so far this year? Are you taking it slow and learning from those who aren't out to take advantage of you, checking out people before you put down your money? Don't be like a client of mine who has spent thousands and was given a website with 37 autoresponder lists set up and has no clue what to do with them. Since they're just numbered from 1 to 37, I'm not quite sure myself. Now please comment and let me know what's going on with you and your business endeavors online.

Until next time,


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  2. The Paypal registration really did you good. You can avoid people who will take you for granted because they will think twice in not attending the workshop because they will not get their money’s worth. Another is that you can express your concepts and your sincerity to your field to the many people who will be attending the workshop.

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