Podcamp Toronto

This past weekend I attended Podcamp in Toronto. If you've never been to a podcamp, they happen in various cities and are billed as an 'unconference'. All kinds of people, young and old, with a common interest in social media. Sessions are free, refreshments are free, attendees come and go during the presentations, and anyone who feels they have knowledge to share can be a presenter. Maybe some day I'll do that, but I find the idea of people walking out while I'm talking a little unnerving.

I attended a number of presentations, the ones about Blogger and Wordpress both were good for my ego since they made me realize how much I do already know. The Youtube session was interesting, except for the guy in the audience who insisted on giving his two cents about everything that was being shared.

The LinkedIn presentation was okay, but I would rather have had some concrete ideas than statics about how useful a site it is and how easy to find joint venture partners.

My favorite session was a blogger from Ottawa who started selling ads on her site a couple of years ago. It was interesting to see that she took her time and has added content almost every day since 1998. Her advice and the mistakes she's made were quite helpful to anyone monetizing their site that way.

I think all of the presentation notes were made available on the Podcamp 2011 Toronto website if you want more information.  And if you've attended a podcamp in your area, I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

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