Offline Presentations

These days I've been doing a lot more in the way of presenting my knowledge to offline business groups. After all, I may not know a lot about marketing on the Internet compared to the big names, but I know a lot more than most brick and mortar businesses do.

Networking groups and local businesses, as well as your Chamber of Commerce and community centers, are always looking for interesting speakers for their members. Although you might not be paid for your time, those people will get to know, like, and trust you and when they need the services you offer, guess who they'll call.

To give you an idea of the possibilities, these are some of the presentations and their audience.
  •  An ongoing monthly Meetup group - various ideas for using Internet marketing and social media.
  • A large business women's networking group - ways that businesses can promote themselves online.
  • A local government agency that provides help to unemployed workers - ways to make a little extra income online.
  • The local Chamber of Commerce - basic search engine optimization.
  • The local community center - an ongoing computer club.
There are people all around you that would love to hear what you have to share. If I can start a Meetup group and a computer club, so can you. If I can do presentations to business people even though I'm short, older, and self-taught, so can you.

Now your challenge is to go and do some of those things and then come back here and tell us all about it. I'll be waiting to give you a pat on the back:)

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