Mastermind Promotion Groups - My Main NAMS Takeaway

Thanks to Bob 'The Teacher' Jenkins, my main NAMS takeaway this past time was how beneficial it is to have a mastermind group. Consisting of up to six people, you work together to promote one another. Things like re-tweeting on Twitter, commenting on their blogs, cross-promoting, guest blogging for one another, commenting and liking each of the group's Facebook pages, adding their videos to your site if applicable. Basically, anything that you would love someone to do to help promote you, your site, and your products.

The best group members should have similar target markets and be marketing at a similar level. As much as I might like to have an Internet marketing superstar in the group, I doubt that's going to happen. So I've hooked up with four other marketers to do this. None of us are absolute beginners, but none of us are making megabucks online either. We all have different products and services, but our markets would be interested in hearing about the others in the group. We've just started and plan to meet on Skype once a week to encourage one another and get feedback. All of us are looking forward to what we can accomplish together.

How do you feel about having a mastermind group like that? And are you already involved in one? If so, how has it affected your business?

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