Jet Lag and NAMS 4

Okay, it wasn't a jet, but I did take a 747 to NAMS. And yes, I've been back for a week now. But it takes me a while to recover so you won't get all the juicy details for a bit longer yet.

All I can say is I took loads of notes, hung out with some amazing people, and wish they didn't live so far away.

I learned a lot and really enjoyed the sessions with Bob 'The Teacher' Jenkins, Karon Thackston, and Kathleen Gage. Of course all of the presenters were great, but those three I got the most from.

And I had a 15 minute consultation with Mark Hendricks as well. The last NAMS I didn't think I had anything to discuss with him, but this time I forced myself to sign up. I was super nervous, but he was very easy to talk to, and he actually liked my idea for a membership site. I'll talk more about that another time.

Once I get my notes organized, I'll give you my top ten takeaway points. Now the challenge is to do them, not stay in learning mode.

So tell me, what is your burning Internet marketing question? Maybe I know the answer now:)


  1. I want to add a Blogroll to my Wordpress site - but don't know which plugin to use.

  2. Hi Helen,

    To add a Blogroll, you use a widget, not a plugin.

    There is a widget called 'Links' that you simply drag over to the spot on your sidebar where you want it. Then it will show any links that you've already entered in the 'Links' area on the left side of your Wordpress workspace (Sorry, the name of that area escapes me right now.)

    Let me know if this isn't very clear and I'll create a screenshot to show you.