Niche Affiliate Marketing System - NAMS Update

Summer is moving right along. Too quickly, in fact. In three short weeks I'll be in Atlanta again, attending NAMS. Short for Niche Affiliate Marketing System, this will be my third time going to the workshop. Three days of hands-on working with some of the top affiliate marketers on the Internet.

For the first time, NAMS will be split into four learning groups rather than three. Two levels of Beginners, one Intermediate, and one Advanced. That will be a plus for the many new people that come since they are all at different stages. Beginner 1 will focus on those who don't even have a website yet. Beginner 2 attendees are already blogging, but making little or no money as an affiliate.

I'm usually in the Intermediate room, although I haven't made much affiliate income in the past. That's beginning to change now. I'm still doing a lot of offline training and I'm getting bolder at asking my students to sign up for domains and hosting under my link. Before, I would mention I was an affiliate and that was my link, but they didn't get the connection. I had to come right out and ask them to register using my link. I always explain that I get a small commission, but they still pay the same price and often get a discount. None of them ever minds.

Anyway, back to NAMS. It looks like my sessions will be "Developing a Blueprint" presented by Doug Hudiburg. I'm not familiar with him and have no idea what that will involve. Then Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra will be doing a session on Social Marketing. Lynn Terry's topic is "Wielding Influence in Your Community". Then I'm going to sit in with Kathleen Gage and learn to do teleseminars properly.

Did I mention that we go from Friday morning until Sunday night and each day runs from 8 am until 6 pm? So Sunday I'll be learning copywriting with Karon Thackston. I haven't decided which of the afternoon sessions to do that day.

There are daily keynotes as well. This time, those will be presented by David Perdew, Jeff Herring, Denise Wakeman, Paul Evans, Bob Jenkins, and Mark Hendricks.

Willie Crawford, Joe Marsh, Doug Champigny, Dan Morris, Sid Hale, and Nicole Dean will also be instructing, but unless I clone myself I can't sit in on their sessions. My mother and daughter will be with me, so I'm hoping they will be in some of the classes I can't attend. None of us will be in the Advanced group though, so I'll have to wait for the audio to listen to them.

I'm getting excited already, as are many of the other marketers that will be attending - 180 of us in all. Need to rest up now while I can. Not only are the days filled with activity, but lunches, dinners, and hanging out in the evening are spent together as well. The networking alone is worth the price of admission.

Sorry if I have you wishing you were coming with me, but the tickets are all sold out. I'll keep you updated both before and during the time I'm at NAMS. And I'll gather all the tips I can and share with you.

Any special questions you want me to ask?


  1. Hi Carol, I really like your new site. I can't wait for NAM4. I think this is our year to get things to come together and watch the bank account fill up. LOL
    Talk with you soon.

  2. Thanks Gail, this isn't a new site, just an often neglected one. I'm really looking forward to NAMS as well and I do think this will be our year.