Are We There Yet?

For those of us that have signed up to attend NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) in Atlanta, the excitement is mounting. We are starting to sound like a bunch of kids asking "Are we there yet?"

Well, two more sleeps and we'll be there! I'll try to keep an update of the goings-on for the time as often as I can. Better yet, follow me on Twitter - my user name there is TorontoCarol.

This time around, the NAMS group are going to be raising money for Dr. Mani's life-saving surgeries on children in India. I'll keep you posted on those efforts as well. There's no telling how much money a large group of Internet marketers might be able to raise together.

I'll be taking some books with me to read on the way to Atlanta. Right now I've started 'Click Here To Order' by Joel Comm. Next up is 'Social Media 10' by Chris Brogan. Do you have any other reading suggestions for me while I'm traveling?

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