Stephen Pierce Book

I recently came across a copy of 'Make Real Money On The Internet' by Stephen Pierce. Written in 2008, the information is still very helpful and covers selecting a micro-niche, delivering products to that niche, putting your business on autopilot and getting traffic to your site. I was familiar with most of the points that were covered, but if you are just starting out, this is an excellent reference and an easy, enjoyable read. Pierce's story itself is quite inspiring.

My takeaways from the book:
  • perform keyword research by focusing on trigger words - play,  how to, help, order, buy, learn, instructions, training, tutorial, tip.
  • when you learn to generate traffic, you will become an expert and a person that is in-demand
  • take risks
  • if you can't write, there are many other ways to get your info product created
  • capture your customer information
  • get to the point that your whole business runs on auto-pilot

Make Real Money On The Internet

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