Offline Tradeshows and Businesses

This weekend I had a booth at a local women's show. It was my second time attending, and each time I learned a little more. The first time, I realized that a lot of people stand at a distance and look at what you have displayed, so it's useful to have things to attract their interest. I also realized that you never can tell who might be interested in what you have to offer. Many times, they didn't fit my idea of my target market.

I had plenty of handouts available this time and talked to as many people as I could. As a result of my interactions this weekend, I am questioning my current offline business model. Right now, I offer workshops and private training for individuals who would like to start an Internet home business. I enjoy showing them the possibilities available on the Internet. Motivating and training are my favorite things to do.

But I found that the main interest at the women's show came from the other businesses that had booths. They were keen to learn how to get more traffic to their sites, how to gather a mailing list and use an autoresponder properly. When I mentioned that I have my Aweber set to post on Twitter and to notify my subscribers whenever I update my blogs, they wanted to know more. I will be starting to work with one of the small businesses next week.

My business seems to be changing, although I hadn't planned it that way. Now I need to decide how much  I want it to change. How would you handle it?

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