Kevin Riley Course - Step By Step

I've decided to work my way through one of Kevin Riley's courses here for the sake of myself and everyone else. This particular course is called "How To Make a Bundle of Cash in Just 3 Days". I received it last year, so can't guarantee that he is still offering it. Still, if we do the steps together, we should make some progress. Your idea of bundle and mine may be different. My main goal is to learn the process.

Kevin suggests finding affiliate products that offer 100% commission. He has a number of them that are used as lead generators. Do a Google search and you will probably find a number of possibilities. I like to purchase the products first to make sure I'm recommending something I won't be ashamed to be associated with. You want to select products that have a good sales page, including an attention grabbing headline, interesting content, cover image, bullets used, testimonials, a call to action that asks for the sale, and a guarantee.

First step - make sure you have a Paypal Premier account. Verify the account so Paypal doesn't limit the amount of money going in or out of the account. To verify, Paypal will put a small charge on your credit card, which is refunded after you tell them the four digit confirmation code.

Step 2 - After choosing your product, do a keyword search for it by looking at the sales page and choosing four or five good keyword phrases. Use quotes around the phrase when you search and see how much competition is trying to sell the same product by targeting those keywords.

Step 3 - Create a Blogger blog using your keywords for the title. Create content that uses the problem as its base and then introduce the product as the solution to that problem. Use keywords in your content, but not to the point that it becomes unreadable spam. Mention other possible solutions and why they aren't as good as the product you want to sell. Remember to have a call to action at the end of your posts. Something as simple as "Click Here for your product"

I think that's enough to keep us both busy for the next week. I'll update this with more steps once I finish these ones. Let me know how you make out, I'd love to hear.

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