More NAMS Photos

As well as the photos that were taken during Lynn Terry's Elite reception, a lot of posing took place in the hallways and especially in the lobby area every evening. Here are a few more Internet marketers good times together.


  1. So what is it like "hanging out" with the likes of Nicole Dean, Scott and possibly Kelly(not sure of the back row person's name.

  2. Yes, that was Kelly at the back. I didn't hang out with Scott much, the ladies a bit more. It was great, they are all very down to earth, funny (especially Nicole), and likable people.

    Nicole's mother was there too, she's in the third photo at the opposite end of the side I'm on. And that's Willy Crawford's wife that I'm with in the second picture.

    I think the nicest thing about NAMS is that all of these top marketers are so willing to spend time with the attendees and freely give of their expertise.