So Do You Think You're Too Old?

Okay, so you want to learn Internet marketing, especially since you've retired and have a lot of extra time on your hands. Plus you wouldn't mind earning a little extra money in the process. But you think you're too old for such a big learning curve. After all, Internet marketing is for the young and energetic - or is it?

Meet GrannyBlogger, 85 years old and learning more every day. She's an affiliate for a number of products, including Kevin Riley's. And thanks to his tutoring, she's finished creating her second infoproduct and has it up for sale. She's also my mother and accompanied me to Atlanta last month to the NAMS Internet marketing conference. At her age, she didn't feel up to the long days of workshops, but she made sure to mingle in the evenings. Here's a video of her and Kevin Riley, who came from Japan to be an instructor. Doesn't look too old to me!

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