A Name Can Make All the Difference

A couple of years ago, I advertised a workshop about creating a blog using Blogger. Not much interest. It seemed that people weren't quite sure what a blog was. Even a year ago, the response wasn't what I'd hoped for.

This past fall, the workshop was advertised as "Create a Free Website" and had a number of registrations - all because of the change in name. We still used Blogger to create the site and everyone was thrilled with their results.

If I had decided that people didn't want to blog and given up, I'd have lost out on a great opportunity. I was reminded of a comment made while attending NAMS in Atlanta this past weekend: "People don't know what they don't know." So you have to start with a familiar point of reference when introducing any new concept, product, or service. From there, you can help them to become more aware of what they are missing.

Next time you approach a potential customer, put yourself in their shoes. "What do they need to realize they don't know? And how can you help them see their need?

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