InfoProduct Creation Excuses

I'm on the topic of info product creation again. Have you started yours yet? If not, what excuses are you giving yourself? Don't know what to write about? Find an active forum related to your interest and see what questions they're asking and what problems you might be able to answer. Can't write? Then hire a ghostwriter or use minimal text and a lot of graphics. Or speak about it and record yourself, then hire a transcriber.

Too young? Do some research and you'll see how many young people are making money online with information products. Too old? Are you over 85? Then don't tell me you're too old! My mother is 85 and has finished not one, but two information products. Her newest guide came about after she spent time on a forum and then created a product to address the problems people were having. It's called "How To Enjoy Your Electronic Piano Keyboard."  and although the sales page leaves a bit to be desired as far as formatting, she managed to upload her graphics - which I haven't figured out yet - and she has the guide connected to Paypal and ready for download. She did all those things on her own, following along with Kevin Riley's workshop.

Go ahead, tell me your excuses, and get ready to have me ignore them. That's a nice way of saying "get off the couch and get moving"!

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