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If you haven't yet realized it, I like to try out new things. I'm a non-techie, so they have to be simple to do new things. My thing for this past week was to try recording my own show at Blog Talk Radio. If you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and get on over there. It's fun and I've had all kinds of people asking if I would interview them now. You'd think I was Oprah or something the way people act.

Anyway, I've done one show so far. You can do a one time session or a regular episode. My show is called Inspirational Women and after a couple of days of advertising the upcoming show, it occurred to me that it was a good domain name and I should probably register it. Too late, someone beat me to it, but guess what, they have it up for sale. After all, it has no content, just a neat name. Since I'm not into being forced, I purchased the .ca instead. Some day I may regret that, but for now I have the satisfaction that I stood my ground.

Back to the show. I registered to air at a specific time, then found out that the two ladies I wanted to interview weren't available then. Thankfully, there's an option to pre-record and then upload the file. I just had to phone in at airtime and stay on the line until the show was over. I was also on the computer at the same time, watching the action from the inside of my Blog Talk account. There is also a chat room so you can interact with listeners, and had the show been live, people could have asked questions if they had a mic.

I'm pasting in the widget so you can have a listen for yourself. There's a slight pause because even though I had selected autoplay, it didn't seem to work until I pressed the play button as well. The widget can be pasted on your website and will automatically update when you record a new show. The show will also be picked up by Itunes.

Now excuse me while I go and practice writing my autograph.

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