Why An Internet Business Is Best For Me

I'm presenting a full day workshop at the local community centre in a few days. My topic - Start an Internet Home Business For Under $100. With more than a dozen ways to make money on the Internet, this will be a brief introduction of all the possibilities that exist online. There is no way I can cover too much in depth - but I hope to inspire people to try.

Who am I to be telling anyone anything? Well, in the past few years I have learned more than I realize. I created a mindmap with six main topic areas - finding a niche, what you need to get started, monetizing, places to sell, getting traffic, and other possible options such as video and audio. Mindmapping was an easy way for me to see all the different things I could talk about. The hardest part is narrowing it down to what can be consumed in one day without causing information overload.

In the past, when I've presented workshops on topics like eBay, the only negative comments I've ever had are always about too much information presented. So I'm very mindful not to try teaching too much, but at the same time I want the participants to feel they got their money's worth. I also like everyone to have fun, so try to include group activities as well.

If you enjoy teaching and motivating people, don't hesitate to try your hand at presenting workshops. After I get over my initial stage fright and wondering why I thought I could do this, I really enjoy the time. And when you present on a topic you're passionate about, it comes across and rubs off on others.

As for my workshop title - yes, it is possible to start an online business for under $100. About $10 for a domain name, less than $10 month for hosting of unlimited sites (or free with Blogger or Weebly), and $19 a month for your autoresponder to keep in touch with a list of subscribers. Those are your necessities. Well under $100. Try that with an offline business. Sure it might take time, hard work,and traffic, but ask any business owner in your town how long it took them to get established and start making money.

Most offline businesses don't see a profit for years, and if you decide you want to change the products or services you offer, it isn't easy. Not so with the Internet.

A number of years ago, I operated a small Internet Cafe. A lot of work for months before I opened. Finding a location, getting permits to renovate, renovating and furnishing, leasing computers, getting a vendors permit and a food permit, dealing with the health department, getting insurance, having a sign made and put up, and advertising to get people to come. Then when I opened, guess what happened? Within a month I realized I didn't like being in a shop and waiting for people to come in. So I started offering classes. That was better, but they weren't every day all day, so the shop was a waste of money. Plus I gained weight from drinking so much coffee and cream so it wouldn't be thrown out.

The end result - I closed up shop less than a year later and took my business home. Less overhead and more time for myself. Now the Internet has opened an even easier way for me to have my own business and help other people. It's no wonder that I'm so passionate about the opportunities available online!

Now tell me your story. Why are you marketing on the Internet?


  1. Hi Carol!

    I am in internet marketing for freedom. I love how free I can be in an online business. Like you mentioned an offline business such as a cafe can be very time consuming and if you don't have the money to hire staff you are literally stuck there all day long.

    It took me quite a while to really get the freedom in my own business though because at first I created a business that didn't allow me the freedom I really wanted.

    There are more reasons why I love an internet business though:

    1. Cost - like you mention it can be very low cost to get started and also to try new things. I like variety so when I get bored my new interests don't end up costing me a fortune!

    2. Connections - I love how you can connect with people of similar interests. When I had my son I just didn't have as much freedom to get out and meet a lot of people anymore but I love meeting new people. I get to meet new people online everyday.

    Angela Wills :)

  2. Hi Angela and thanks so much for posting here. I love your marketersmojo website and hope that my readers visit and check it out.

    Loved hearing the reasons you market on the Internet!