When To Sell And When To Give Away

If you are like me, you've heard the advise to create short reports and sell or give them away. But how do you know when to give it away and when to sell it? That was one of the questions asked at NAMS and I appreciated the following answer:

If you are pre-selling for a service or a physical product, then the report should be free. For example, if your niche is barbeques, write a short report with quick recipes for the barbeque and give it away with your affiliate links in it. But if your market are information product buyers, then create an informative report and sell it for a low price point (under $30). This is because your market are already proven buyers. By keeping the price point low, these people will make impulse purchases. The result - you are building a list of buyers.

Another great tip, courtesy of Lynn Terry. Now doesn't that sound easy?

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