Product Types and Packages

Here's another tip from NAMS, this time about the four types of products you can sell online and the different ways you can package them.

Four Product Types:
  1. Consumables – such as memberships or regular calls. Things that people can repurchase time and time again.                                                                                 
  2. Collectibles – e.g. collection of computer guides. Buyers will often buy similar products or services to add to their collections.                                                                                                         
  3. Toll Booth - necessary training, tools or information needed for what your customer wants to do.           
  4. Back end - add-ons of higher priced products.
  • Have different packages with various levels of quality. Make the highest quality package so beneficial in comparison that people choose it most of the time. Start by listing all of the possible things that could be included in a package. This would be your highest priced package. Then start deducting items to form the lower priced packages. I found this was much easier than starting with the lowest priced package and its contents and then trying to figure out how much to add for each of the higher priced packages.
  • To make money, you have to give people the opportunity to buy from you. Don’t give it all away or bother people trying to push sales. As we know, people love to shop, but they hate to be sold to.
More tips to come. I hope you are getting as much benefit from them as I have been.

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