Affiliate Marketing Is Hard Work

Okay, I think I might throw in the towel on some of my affiliate marketing. At least I might close my Commission Junction account. I realize I'm not the most persistent or diligent person when it comes to writing about my affiliate products. But I do mention them, both the good and the bad points, and I do try to post about them every once in awhile. And I'm getting frustrated.

If my efforts gave me even enough return to buy a cup of coffee, then I'd work harder at posting about the products. But it looks like I could retire from adsense income before affiliate earnings. Since my adsense sits at about $20 that isn't saying too much. I'm glad I blog and learn Internet marketing because I enjoy doing it. If I was just after the money, I am a dismal failure.

Not to make this a negative post, there are other ways to make money online - thankfully. I can write, that makes me some. I know affiliate marketing is usually what newbies are encouraged to do first, but it isn't for me. Maybe you've had success with it and I would love to hear from you.

I'll continue to promote Hostgator, and Aweber since I think those are essential pieces of the puzzle. But as for the rest - I'm sorry CJ but it just isn't working for me!

Update: Maybe I should have read Rosalind Gardner's book before I started affiliate marketing. Known as the industry expert, she started off as an affiliate with a dating site and took it to a mega-successful business. But I still think it was easier when she started than it is now.
What's your opinion?


  1. Hey Supergramma C (can I call you that?)

    Be interested to know how you got invloved with Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing.

    Do you have a list to promote too?

    Not sure if my url will show up here, but it is or follow me on twitter

    Be interested to hear from you.

    Take care


  2. Hi Sean, Of course you can call me Supergramma C. Sorry it took so long to respond, I ended up going to Atlanta to the NAMS workshop (Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems)and got re-energized and focused.

    I got started in Internet Marketing a number of years ago after buying a course by Cory Rudl. I loved everything about it, but the only thing I did consistently was blog. I have a number of them and unfortunately get easily sidetracked.

    Then I found Lynn Terry's forum and became a private member (I'll do a post on that because it takes more than a sentence or two to explain how she's helped me).

    I do have a small list (less than 100). It would have been more but I switched hosting and lost most of them. Have learned a lot through trial and error.

    Anyway, I visited your site and am following you now on Twitter. My ID is TorontoCarol.