Tips For Using PLR

It seems everywhere I look these days, marketers are discussing the pros and cons of PLR or Private Label Rights. Since there is such a demand for content on websites, these ready made PLR articles are an easy way to fill a site with material. Or are they?

Personally, I've tried using PLR a few times without much to show for my time and effort. Many of the articles are so poorly written that I don't know where to start. Sure, there may be some jewels of content, but you sure need to dig for them!

Some marketers use their PLR material as research and idea generators, rather than ready made reading material. Others break the text up, add their own content as well, and use it as blog posts or in emails to their subscribers.

I'm on a quest to learn the best ways to use Private Label Rights, especially since I have enough on my hard drive to fill a library. I did find a free report, again by Melanie Bremner, titled "Using PLR For Business". Have a read and let me know how (and if) you've been using PLR for your online business. All tips appreciated!

Update: Since my rant about having to give my life away to download this free report, Melanie has changed her service. It's now a simple download with no questions asked. Thanks Mel.

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