Organizing Your Internet Marketing Materials

Before you really get involved in Internet Marketing, try to have your materials organized. I didn't do this and lost track of which programs I had downloaded, which affiliate products I had signed up to promote, etc.

Set up a folder on your computer for all your Internet Marketing stuff and document everything you download to read, every purchase, every membership site, every affiliate program, all your blog details, and every password. You may not think you will need this, but trust me, later you will have collected enough to fill a textbook. (Especially since most copy is so convincingly written that you are afraid to pass it up in case you needed that bit of info.)

I also have a notebook that I record every purchase and every password. In fact my password notes are getting a little confusing, so I think I'll buy a little address book and set them up alphabetically. Recording your purchases makes it so much easier when tax time rolls around. I used to print off each invoice, but that can waste a lot of paper and give you a lot more filing to do!

O, another thing about passwords. Don't leave them written down in your computer folder. Save the whole thing to a flash drive or print off just the passwords, then delete them. If you leave them on your computer and someone hacks into you, I hate to see what might happen. That's why I rarely let my computer remember my Internet passwords for me. Sure it would be a lot easier, but .....

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