Internet Marketing Terms

Now you may very well be familiar with all of the Internet marketing terms, especially if you have a business background, since many might be similar. But for an old girl like me, even the words are new territory.

For example:
- a bump is when you're bumped up to another category, such as a two for one offer. I think I get those offers whenever I say no to one I can't afford. (Or am I mixing this with another term?)

- an upsell is when a marketer offers you something related to go with your purchase. Like when they ask me if I'd like a donut with my coffee (and many times this works, especially if I'm having a sugar craving).

- a cross sell is when you're asked something like "would you like dessert with your meal". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but a cross sell and an upsell sound like the same thing to me. Can someone please enlighten me on the difference between the two?

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