I'm Famous (Almost)

As part of the traffic generation course I've been taking, I had to research information about the top ten Google sites for my chosen keywords. While checking one of them, I came across an Amazon ad for a physical book. Part of the blurb about this book sounded like it could have been written by me, so I investigated further.

Amazon allowed viewing of various parts of the text, which was quite interesting and well written. Called "Creative Computer Crafts", it features a number of projects and guess what else I found? My website, was listed as a recommended resource. The book was written a few years ago and is on the shelves of over 100 public libraries (mainly in the states).

So here I've been famous for all this time and didn't know it. You can bet that everyone I talk to hears about it now though. I'm not about to let my rise to fame go unnoticed. And the book is going out of print, so I have to brag while I can.

Okay, lest I burst with pride, tell me your success stories and remind me I'm not the only one with something to crow about.


  1. Hi there, Mrs C. Great to come across your blog. Pleased I'm not the only older generation who's been bitten by the internet bug.
    I'm currently constructing my first website, and will let you know when it's done. Do you have one of your own? Would love to have a look.
    Steve (aka TechnoKiwi)

  2. Hi there Steve. Nice to meet you. I would love to see your site when it's done. I have a number of Wordpress blogs (as well as this Blogger one) that are listed on the right under "what I'm working on". My Creative Home Computing site has probably been running the longest and I'm getting more traffic now. I even make enough adsense money to buy the odd hamburger now and then.

    Keep in touch.