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If you've never heard of them before Meetup.com allows you to find like minded people in your locality. This is great news for you as a marketer. People sign up at Meetup and list the topics they're interested in. Then they wait for someone to organize a meetup on that topic.

That's where we come in. I decided I wanted to host a meetup for people in my area interested in Internet marketing and infoproduct creation. So I signed up as a Meetup host, paid my three month fee (about $15 a month) and decided on a time and place.

Then Meetup sent an email to all the people on their list who were just waiting for someone to host events related to those topics. Within an hour, I was already getting people signing up as a member. Not everyone who joins the group shows up for our meetings, but I have the capability to email all of them and mention anything I think they might be interested in. You have the option to charge your members to attend, also taken care of through the Meetup space. So far, I haven't done that - people simply pay for their food and drinks wherever we meet.

The group has a site on the Meetup space with a board to post information on the topics we discuss. I recommended some products there and included my affiliate links (of course). We've met twice so far and although the attendance could be better, the group is keen and it's a great way to meet potential clients and to find out what the market is asking for.

So go ahead and start a meetup in your area. It'll force you out of your comfort zone, get you interacting with your target market, and will leave you feeling motivated (at least, that's been my experience so far). And don't forget to let me know how things work out for you!

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