When You Feel Like Giving Up

There have been some rough spots to my Internet marketing plan this month, mainly because I was attacked by the "you'll never do it, so why not give up" bug.

I caught it when I went to a four hour seminar given by a well-known local Internet marketer. I was thinking of signing up for his 'Train the Trainer' course and when I mentioned the possibility, he replied with an astonished "you want to be a trainer?"

Right away, the negative virus started eating away at my self-esteem. Never mind that I already do trainings. Never mind that the feedback after my workshops is always very positive. I suddenly felt that I was too old and too underqualified to continue. All because of one negative germ.

So what helped turn me around? I found this video on youtube. If you feel like giving up, have a listen - especially to what she had to say about her teacher. And let me know what you think.

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