Plan For 2009

I'm a few weeks late, but Happy New Year anyway. I turned 60 at the beginning of the month and also have my days free now, so 2009 is my year to start making money.

I did actually make a little money last year, mainly by ghostwriting and teaching offline courses. But this year I want to make at least $1,000 a month. Still not much, but it will be a big encouragement for me to continue.

I've got myself a plan and every day I'm trying to do blog updates and article writing in the mornings and product creation in the afternoons. Unfortunately, plans do better on paper than in real life, and almost a month into it, I have yet to work for an entire day without interruption. From new babies, to houseguests, to being the family helper, things are always coming in to grab my time.

But I'm not giving up. Every day I try to do at least one thing and some days I'm able to spend quite a bit of time. My goal is to work only during the day, so my evenings can be free and my husband won't be left feeling like a computer widower.

As you can see from the blog, I've started adding extra content on the sidebar. And I've posted my first original youtube video. Now that I've got the hang of videotaping myself, expect another one soon.

That's it for now. Please let me know your goals and plans for 2009. Success is just around the corner - I can feel it in my bones! Then again, it might just be the damp weather affecting me.


  1. Sounds like a great plan. Best Wishes and do Take Action.

  2. Thank you Mrs. C for your encouragement. Hearing how you have a plan has helped me to narrow down my ideas and put forth an active plan myself.
    Having a new baby can make it hard to stay focused and find the time to get some work done and make some money but it is not impossible and still a much better opportunity than having to leave home and go to a job somewhere else.
    Here's to a good year and reaching our goals($1000 a month sounds like a good aim for me as well)!