Adding Video The Easy Way

I just created my first youtube video and it wasn't too hard at all. Of course, if you look closely, the lighting is probably off. That didn't occur to me.

I'm not looking directly into the camera. I didn't have a tripod, so I held the camera up in front of me. The result is a far-away gaze every so often.

And I my daughter says I looked nervous. Really, I was just having trouble reading my cue cards.

Anyway, the point is - I DID IT! I got myself a Flip video camera and they are awesome. The sound and picture quality are really good and it comes with wires to plug into your tv and watch if you like. At under $200, it's easy to use and comes with push button software to upload it to youtube or other places.

Here I am - hold the applause and stand in line for autographs please.


  1. Good Job. Guess I missed his (Kevin Reilly)URL, could you post it. By the way this Oct I'll turn 70 and am getting tired of trying to survive on SS. I need to get and stay FOCUSED

  2. You are so right Robert. Focus is the only thing that can keep us on track. And it's so hard when we see all the offers coming from guru after guru. We need to decided on our direction and if the things we read don't line up with those goals, they need to go on the back burner.

    As for Kevin Riley's URL, I've posted it as a link in a new post in case others are looking for it too. I intend to do a review of his products so you can see if any of them line up with your goals. He also has a number of free products you can download.

    Here's to a great income online by the time you turn 70.