Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software

I finally bought Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9 speech recognition software. Since I'm writing a lot of articles these days, I wanted to try it. It really does turn talk into text and is faster and more accurate than typing, especially my typing.

E-mail, instant messaging and surfing the web can all by done by voice. Although I had to teach it how I speak a few times before it was accurate, before long it was working very well and I'm impressed by how smart it is. Now if my husband listened so intently, just imagine.

I bought the cheaper standard version, on sale for $79. There is a preferred version which also transcribes recordings from handheld digital recorders, has wireless microphone support, and turns text into speech as well. The preferred version plays back your dictation so that you can correct it, inserts your signature or logo with a simple voice command and lets you import and export user files on any PC.

For what I need, the standard version is fine. It's capable of a lot more than just the simple dictation I'm using it for so far. My biggest problem seems to be that my brain goes to sleep when I have to open my mouth instead of lifting my pen. So the best way for me seems to be to write my thoughts in longhand and then dictate them to the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Still saves me time, yet doesn't stifle my creativity.

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