Community Television Publicity

Recently, I was asked to participate in a live television show at our local community TV station. I was part of a three woman tech panel and was there to discuss blogs. We talked a lot about how women could bring their businesses online and use a blog or website as a marketing tool.

The only thing that bothered me was that the other two women were techies who made a living setting up websites and blogs for people. They made it seem so difficult that a person couldn't possibly do it themselves. Since I teach blogging, I know that to set up a blog on Blogger is extremely easy. Even Wordpress, although more difficult, is still not impossible to do yourself. And imagine all the money you would save.

Anyway, I enjoyed the time, it was a great experience, and an added plus was the traffic to my site that resulted because of the publicity. If you get a chance to appear as a local expert on your community televison station, go for it.

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