Stop Collecting Information and Focus

How often as new marketers do we get into the trap of buying eBook after eBook and course after course thinking we need to know more before we can succeed?

There is no magic formula for making money online, and I've come to the conclusion I will never know everything either.

That's one reason it's so important to hang out in forums, read all the free stuff out there and then choose a path that is suited to who we are. Then we need to focus and not be distracted by the latest fads.

Everyone's trying to sell us something. Trying to convince us it's the final puzzle piece we need, but then we buy and are still in the same boat.

So from here on in, I am trying to stay focused on a specific area and get to work. I need to stop buying products unless I know I can use them right now.

I've started to look at what I already have on my hard drive and plan to use it. I'm forcing myself not to read email or go to forums until I finish the tasks I've set for myself each day. And I'm being held accountable to a mastermind team, so when I say I am going to write an article or work on a new product, I better be able to say I did it. This alone has been a big help to me.

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