Didn't Meet My Goal But Still Pressing On

I was determined to earn my first $100 online by the end of 2007, but I didn't manage to make it. Since it seemed so discouraging, I stopped blogging for awhile and tried to get on with my life.

But I've been bitten by the Internet Marketing bug, so after a couple of weeks, I was back trying again. This time I decided to focus on one blog until I had it where I wanted it, then go on to the next. That's why it's been so long since I've posted here.

I started with my CreativeHomeComputing site, since that was my first online venture. First step, a double opt-in form that offered some related information in return for signing up. Next, set my autoresponder to notify my subscribers each time I posted to the blog. Signed up with technorati and claimed the blog, then used a simple tags plugin (it's a Wordpress blog, so not sure what I'll be doing here) and put tags under each post.

I also inserted adsense ads, which is more difficult with Wordpress. That's one thing about blogger, it is so user friendly. Wordpress has the ability to do a lot more, but there's a learning curve for some of the plugins.

Anyway, I am trying to post at least two to three times a week, by using an option that allows me to change the datestamp and write all the posts at once. Then the posts are published throughout the week, instead of having to find time to create posts every few days. This is a big timesaver and the first thing I want to see if Blogger can also do. I'll let you know.

Glad to be back in the loop with this blog and still learning and doing every day. I also recently found the WarriorForum, which has had a lot of helpful information.

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