Ning and Social Networking

I'm in social networking mode these days. Although I can't say Facebook makes any sense to me really (although all my kids love it), I've been squidooing my little heart out and I've even made a dollar sharing their ads! So far on squidoo.com, I've got a lens on life-long learning, one on Toronto, and one I just started on the Canadian National Exhibition.

My newest find is ning.com where you can create your own social network. Establish yourself as an expert, have fun, and collect friends along the way - so far I have only one (oh, well).

Ning is easy to set-up and you can make it public or private. It's free and like I said it's fun. Add videos, photos, text, it's just like having your own Facebook. Hmm - guess that means I understand Facebook more than I realized. The hardest thing I find is keeping it active. As administrator, you aren't notified when someone comments like you are with a blog. You need to keep going into your forum and answering comments, interacting, and starting discussions. It's a little more time intensive than it seems at first. Oh, well.

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