ID Theft and Your Website Information

After watching a number of TV shows on Identity Theft and realizing that all someone would have to do is check the Whois information for my websites to find out a fair bit of information about me, I'm getting a little paranoid.

So I went to the GoDaddy account where my domains are registered and changed the setting to make my information private. Now all that shows up is the GoDaddy info.

I was hesitant to do that at first, since their agreement made it sound like I could be shut down if anyone mistakenly thought I was a spammer. But after speaking to someone at their customer service, I was assured that was not the case and the possibility of being charged with spamming was much less if I had my information private (not sure of the reasoning for that.) Of course you pay for the privacy service, but the charge is minimal.

Why does Internet business have to be so complicated? Do you ever worry about your information being online?


  1. Some people put their street address in their Aweber emails because its required. Best to get a PO Box and use that instead.


  2. You are very right Jay. That's good advice.