Next Internet Millionaire

It's been awhile since I posted last, but I'm still plugging along, learning all I can about Internet Marketing. Have you watched Joel Comm's new Internet reality show "The Next Internet Millionaire"?

It's on the net every week and so far there have been 6 episodes. They started with twelve contestants - two from here in Canada, that were chosen by their youtube audition videos.

Every week, they are taught by a top Internet Marketer on a different aspect of the business. They have two different challenges per week, one individual and one as a team. And each week someone is sent home, so it has been enjoyable to watch.

You can't learn as much from the trainers as I had hoped, but if you listen closely, there are tips along the way. And most of the challenges have been really interesting. Except for the week when the contestants were allowed to answer less emails if they ate a couple of big, fat worms. Since this is a business show, I thought that was a bit crude and don't think I'd ever see Donald Trump ask anyone to do that. To her credit, the girl from Toronto refused.

So far, I think the guy from Costa Rica, the outspoken Christian, and the young youtube expert are my favourites. If you get a chance to watch the show, let me know what you think and who you're voting for.

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