Keeping Track Of Downloads

It seems I'm forever trying to organize my information and believe me, I have a lot of it. Those copywriters are so convincing, not a day goes by that I don't download something new to read or to use as free content for my subscribers.

I decided to create a number of folders and sub-folders to make it easy to see everything I have on my computer. Then every day I take an item from my "to read" folder and actually read it. If the information is worth keeping as reference material, I print it off and read it again on a regular basis, highlighting the important points. I've found that reading out loud and more than once helps me to understand the content.

I created a folder for Private Label Rights content and another one for Resale Rights items. Until then, they were all over my hard drive and I had no idea how many items I had. Now the next step is to actually use them.

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