eBay and Copywriting

I've been hearing a lot about using eBay not just to earn money, but as a learning tool for Internet Marketing. So I listed my first item for sale and managed to sell it for enough to buy myself a coffee.

I'm learning to write headlines, take good pictures, and write short, interesting copy - things that I need to know to succeed as an Internet Marketer. Granted, I didn't make much money, but the item was a small plastic toy and my description was good enough to attract 9 bids.

I read some sales copy recently that was in the form of an exciting story and it was so well written that I hung on every word. That's the way I want to be able to write copy.

Thanks to eBay, I'm beginning to feel like this is a game - see how convincingly I can write, so that someone will want to buy, whether they need it or not. Are you playing too?

Until next time,


  1. Hey Carol!
    I just found your blog; looks like we might be in this thing together! I'm not making any money yet either, but I am figuring out a few things. did you by any chance go to "Ebay University" a few weeks back? Take a look at my blog in your spare time; I'm blogging my experiences and my thoughts as I go through this process.
    BTW, we're over in Mississauga
    --practically neighbors!

  2. Hi Tina, so nice to have you close by. I'm in Cambridge now, so not far at all.

    I didn't get to eBay University, but I heard great things about the time. Were you able to make it there?

    Looking forward to reading your blog.