eBay and Dropshippers

This is my mother (the young one in the middle), now 82 years old, and a budding Internet Marketer. She is an inspiration to me and we try to figure out a lot of things together.

Mom sells on eBay and she has been a bit frustrated this week about her dropshipper. A dropshipper is a wholesaler that you choose products from and try to sell them. When the products sell, they take care of all shipping, you pay them the wholesale price and you keep the difference of whatever your selling price was.

So you don't have to bother with shipping, storing inventory, or paying money upfront. My mom has one problem though. When she posts an item on eBay, sometimes the dropshipper sells all of their stock before her auction is over. Not a good thing to happen!

If any of you have a suggestion for mom, we would love to hear it.

Until next time,

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