New Year, New Beginning

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure IncomeAfter a relaxing two weeks of doing very little online, other than reading my email, I am ready to go again. While updating my sites tonight, I'm trying to listen to some of the audio seminars I've downloaded about Internet Marketing. I can listen to the same one over and over again and get a little more every time. They also motivate me to keep on trying.

I've decided to update my blogs three times a week if I can. It seems that even when I don't feel like writing, if I try to do a sentence or two, I start getting more in the mood. The words don't always flow as well some days as others, but the discipline of writing something is good for me. It may seem like I haven't done too much, but every little bit is a step forward.

I remember reading about a lady who celebrated her 90th birthday and said if she had known she would live another 40 years, she would have started learning piano on her 50th birthday. What do you wish you'd done? It isn't too late.
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