You Can't Be A Quitter

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves (Black, 14 oz.)After another day of throwing in the towel and deciding I will sell my computer and take up knitting, I am up and at the keyboard again. I feel like I'm in a boxing match, down and out, but I keep getting up and trying again. Hopefully this Internet Marketing learning will not leave me bruised and beaten.

After a while, I feel like I can't give up - I've spent way too much time and money to quit. I realize that something is getting into this old brain when I talk to non-Internet marketers about some of the things I'm doing. They are so impressed that it gives me the drive to want to continue. But when I get back in the ring with the pros, then I realize I am a small-town boxer who doesn't really know how to fight.

What I need is a good coach and I think I have found a couple of them. I need to put on blinders though and not get distracted by all the other coaches out there, each trying to get me to follow their style.

There may be a lot of rounds left in this old girl yet! Please comment and give me some inspiration to continue.

Until next time,

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