Preparing For 2007

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your PassionAfter reading old blog posts of mine for the last two years and realizing that I start the year off with a bang and end with a fizzel, I decided to start early this year.

As noted on my intro, I am learning to make money on the Internet. So far, that is not easy. I have made some progress - two websites and three other blogs, a very small opt-in list for my not very regular newsletter, adsense set up in a few places, affiliate links in others. If you don’t understand what those terms mean, you are even a newer newbie than I am, so I will explain for you. That will make me feel smart and will also help you, unless of course, I give you the wrong information. But if that happens, there are many marketers online who will willingly take your money in return for their advice.

Opt-in simply means that a person signed up for your newsletter and double opt-in is the term used when they not only sign up once, but they click a link sent in a follow-up email to confirm that they did indeed want you to send the material.

Adsense are those little ads by Google that you often see at the top, bottom, side, or in the middle of the content of a page. When you click one of those links, the person running the site -me, in this case - will get a few cents. This can add up and after a year or so, you might make $10 like I did. To be fair, there are people who make a lot of money using adsense, so I continue to try and when I make more, it will surely be shouted from these virtual rooftops.

An affiliate link sends your readers to a page where if they purchase a product, you get commission on it. To do this, you first sign up for an account with the merchants you want to represent, trying not to get carried away and signing up for more than you could possibly ever remember.

Now, don’t you feel smarter already? I certainly do!

Until next time,

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